All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Booking with Drivania

How do I book a ride?

  • Using the website. If you do not have a private account, please request one.
    request yours.
  • Using a leading GDS (Amadeus, Sabre).

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How do I book a ride through

  1. Log in with your username and password.
  2. Select the type of ride from the following options:
    (a) One-way ride from point A to point B.
    (b) Hourly service for a period of time.
    You have the option of changing the booking to a round trip service.
  3. Enter the pick-up and drop-off locations in the corresponding “From” and “To” fields. When you enter the first letters of a location, a drop-down list will appear. Select an option to receive a quote.
  4. Select the pick-up date and time. In the case of hourly services, the end time must also be specified.
  5. The available fleet will be displayed according to the vehicles available at the specified pick- up location and time.
  6. Every ride has a purpose. Select a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. If you prefer a model that is not displayed, it may have already been booked by another customer. If this occurs, please call us at +34 93 176 0215 / +1 415 366 9654 and we will attempt to locate a similar model.
  7. Once you have found the vehicle of your choice, click on Continue.
  8. Enter the passenger’s information: name, e-mail, phone number and flight number (only for rides to or from the airport). You can inform us of specific needs by entering them in the “Comments” field (‘welcome’ service required, traveling with a child, wheelchair user, etc.).
  9. If you are processing the booking as a company or travel agency, the system will ask you to specify or enter your internal reference code.
  10. Review all the information, accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy, and click on “Confirm” to complete the process. (Links to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.)
  11. Print your booking confirmation or save the reference number in order to make any changes to the ride.

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How do I change a ride?

If you have a account, you can modify a ride in the “My Rides” section. Once it is open, you can make the corresponding changes. If you have any questions during the process, please contact our 24/7 customer service (+34 93 176 0215 / +1 415 366 9654). Please have your booking number on hand.

If the ride to be modified is to take place within the next 24 hours, please send an e-mail to requesting the change.

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How do I cancel a ride?

Any changes and/or cancellations must be made directly through the account or via e-mail or phone.

Changes and/or cancellations will always appear in your online Drivania account and also be confirmed via e-mail.

The cancellation policies will depend on the type of service, the pick-up time and the vehicle category.
See cancellation policies.

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How do I request a quote?

You can request a quote at

You can request quotes for one-way rides, hourly services or a combination of both.

The quoted amount will include the price for the ride plus any applicable taxes.

To confirm the ride later, enter the passenger’s information (name, e-mail, phone number and/or flight number) and click on the “Save” button.

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Are there any extra fees I should be aware of?

Our rides include all related fees. Certain long-distance rides or hourly services may be subject to additional fees for parking, tolls or unplanned driver meals. These additional fees will be charged at the end of the ride. Examples include when you need to extend a ride once the passenger is in the vehicle or if a toll road that was not included in the route is used. These fees will be charged once the ride has been completed.

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Why is the booking confirmation page important?

Once you have booked a ride, a confirmation page will appear and you will receive the booking confirmation via e-mail.

Review the confirmation page to verify important information such as where to meet your driver or what to do if you are unable to contact him via phone. Depending on the type of location where the ride will begin, special pick-up instructions may be provided.

Save time by reviewing the information beforehand, print the corresponding confirmation page and bring it with you as a guide.

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Is there a limit to the number of reservations I can make?

There is a five-reservation limit per day at each location for every user.

When more than five vehicles are needed in one location for the same day, we consider that an ‘event’. In this case, please contact us at 1-800-327-5174 or by e-mail at

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Online booking system

May I receive text messages about my booking on my cell phone?

You will receive a text message containing the driver information two hours before the ride. If you like, we can also send additional notifications for the ride via text message.

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How much in advance should I book a ride?

As soon as possible. Be sure to book your ride in advance if you know that you will be traveling in the near future. Just as in the case of hotel rooms, we do not have an unlimited number of vehicles in each city.

Bookings made through must be processed at least 4-10 hours in advance, depending on the city where the ride will take place. For any questions, please contact our 24/7 customer service at or call +34 93 176 02 15 /+1 415 366 9654

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Can I book a ride if I am unsure of my final destination?

Yes, but please notify us as soon as you know the exact destination.

Use your account to request quotes and book rides when you are unsure of the exact destination by entering the name of the city as the destination. However, it is very important that you confirm the final destination because every city is different, and what we had initially thought was downtown could actually be more than 30 km away, resulting in a price change.

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I have lost my booking confirmation. Where can I find it?

Access your account, click on the “My Rides” tab and go to your confirmed rides.

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Planning your trip

What do I need to bring?

Simply bring your ID or passport. It is a good idea to bring a copy of your reservation confirmation, but everything will be fine as long as your driver is able to confirm your identity.

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Where may I locate my driver?

Your reservation confirmation should include the pick-up instructions. However, in most cases, drivers are not permitted to park anywhere. If you are unable to find your driver, please call him or contact your 24h dispatcher at +1 415 366 9654 / +34 93 176 02 15.

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Mileage: What is included and what do I have to pay for?

Hourly bookings include a minimum mileage per hour. However, distances may vary by city or country. Your confirmation page should provide information about the number of miles that are included.

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Are there charges for changing or canceling a reservation?

There is no charge for extending your reservation. If the vehicle is available, you may continue to use it. However, there may be charges if you shorten a reservation less than 24 hours before the pick-up time.

A reservation may be canceled at no charge up to 24 hours before the pick-up time. Otherwise, no refunds will be provided. If you do not cancel your reservation within the required advance notice, you will be charged the full amount.

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How much luggage may I bring?

Each person may bring one suitcase and one carry-on-bag. If you are traveling alone, you may bring twice the mentioned amount. You are responsible for providing information about the amount of luggage you and your fellow passengers will be carrying, as well as the type and dimensions.

If your luggage exceeds the dimensions of the trunk and you did not inform us beforehand, Drivania will not be responsible for any extra costs that may arise for transporting the additional items.

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How can I create an account with Drivania?

To create an account, go to the website and click on “Register” at the top of the screen.

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What are the benefits of creating an account with Drivania?

By creating an account at, you will have full control of all your bookings:

  • Vehicle availability for more than 600 cities in real time
  • The best prices for all of our services
  • Option of saving quotes
  • Instant confirmation
  • Access to the driver information beforehand
  • Processing changes or cancellations
  • Access to your booking history

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May I create an account for my company?

Yes. At Drivania we like to help companies get the best results from their travel programs. We provide individual online access or link our APIs with your preferred travel software. Drivania’s booking platform is also connected to all major GDS (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport).

To learn more about how to create a corporate account, contact us at +1 415 366 9654 / +34 931760215.

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When does my credit card get charged?

Drivania charges no membership fees. Charges are only applied to each ride. Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours before the pick-up time.

Depending on your membership, reservations may be charged when you book them, at the end of the reservation, or at the end of the month. These differences are only related to billing and they will not have an impact on the vehicles or types of trips (One Way/Hourly) you select
If there are any additional charges (e.g., extra miles, tolls or parking fees) during your trip, then we will add them at the end of your reservation.

If there are any additional charges (e.g., extra miles, tolls or parking fees) during your trip, then we will add them at the end of your reservation.

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