1. General

In compliance with the general information obligation of Art. 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July for services related to the information and e-commerce society. The website www.drivania.com is owned by CAMINA LAB , S.L.(hereinafter DRIVANIA), with registered address at CALLE JESUS SERRA SANTAMANS, 2 BAJOS – 08174 SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES (BARCELONA) SPAIN, and Tax ID B64265408.

Drivania reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions to adapt them to the applicable legislation in force.

These Terms and Conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain online services, due to their specific nature, may also be subject to their own terms of use, in addition to the Privacy Policy.

Drivania may, at any time and without prior notice, make changes and updates to these Terms. These changes will be shared on the website and take effect the moment they are posted.

As a result, the User must periodically check for any changes to these Terms, and regardless of whether there is express consent or not, the User’s continued use of the service after the changes have been posted implies their acceptance of those terms. If the User does not agree with the updated Terms and Conditions, they may renounce by ceasing to use the Service.

Access is free except for the cost to connect via the telecommunications network made available by the User’s service provider.

Anyone who uses the website is classified as its User (hereinafter ‘User’), which involves reading, understanding and agreeing to all the terms and conditions specified in this document.

2. Drivania’s purpose

Drivania is owned by CAMINA LAB, S.L., which provides private transportation services in chauffeured vehicles.

Drivania has offices in Barcelona and Miami.

It has a young and dynamic international team of professionals who work hard to offer quality customer service, technical support and sales assistance. The chauffeurs are professionals with years of experience.

3. Operation

The Drivania website is intended for use by businesses and individuals, and it provides Users with private chauffeured transportation services in more than 350 cities.

Through Drivania, Users can book a chauffeured vehicle service at their travel destination in less than one minute and with only three steps:

  1. Select the type of ride, date, time, pick-up location and destination.
  2. Choose the vehicle that best fits your needs.
  3. Enter the passenger information.

45 minutes before the ride, we will send a text message with the driver’s name and phone number to the passenger.

Through your Drivania.com account, you can manage all your reservations, check the status of each booking and the driver assignments in real time, and much more.

Drivania offers two types of services:

These services are exclusively for individuals of legal age (18 years and up). We do not collect or intend to collect information from minors. If it is believed that a User of the service is a minor and that the information required to log in has been falsified, Drivania may refuse to provide the User with access to the services offered.

In any case, the parents and/or legal guardians of minors must ensure compliance with this requirement since they are responsible for the actions of those minors. If parents and/or legal guardians believe or discover that a minor under their care has provided personal information without their consent, they may contact info@drivania.com.

We suggest registering with Drivania to hire its services.

Users should visit the ‘Register’ section to sign up.

Drivania hereby informs you that as part of the booking process, you will be required to identify yourself with a username and password. Users will have access to the hired service and be able to modify their information. These credentials will be used to access the services provided by the website.

Users must keep their credentials in strict and utmost confidence under their own responsibility, thereby assuming all damage and consequences of any kind that may arise from the breach of confidentiality or disclosure of information. For security reasons, the credentials for electronic access to the website’s services may be modified by the User at any time. The User agrees to immediately notify Drivania of any unauthorised use of their credentials as well as of unauthorised access by third parties.

4. Privacy policy

Please see Privacy Policy

5. Data collection

Drivania informs Users that we may collect personally identifiable information about them, such as their name, surnames and email address.

Drivania also collects technical information about the device (e.g., the device name and model; the name and version of the operating system; information about the CPU, storage capacity, screen size, firmware, software, mobile carrier and Internet service provider) for the purpose of addressing technical incidents.

6. System requirements and availability

To use the website, the User must have a compatible computer, smartphone or mobile device with an Internet connection and that meets the minimum specifications (software requirements).

The software version may be updated periodically to make it compatible with new features and services.

Drivania will make every reasonable effort to ensure the website is always available. However, the User understands that the site is delivered via the Internet or mobile networks, and therefore its quality and availability may be affected by factors beyond Drivania’s control.

Drivania is not liable in the event that the website is unavailable, if it is difficult or impossible to download or access its content, or if any other errors in the communication system result in its unavailability.

7. Price and payment method

7.1 Price

The applicable service prices will be listed in our website at the time of booking; they will be specified in euros and include any discounts as well as the applicable VAT on the booking date.

7.2 Payment

The payment method is negotiable, depending on the client and the booking volume. Options include American Express, Diners, VISA card, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard and 4B, bank transfer, and voucher in the case of travel agencies.

By clicking on “Authorise Payment”, you are confirming that the bank card is yours. Bank cards are subject to verification and authorisation by the issuing entity, and if this entity does not authorise payment, we will not be liable for any delays or services not rendered, and we will be unable to formalise a contract with you.

7.3 Invoicing

The invoicing would be issued by DRIVANIA trough the following companies, depending on the client location, where the service is performed or the client needs:

C/Jesús Serra Santamans 2, bajos-0 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès B64265408

2655 S Le Jeune RD Suite 810 FL33134 Coral Gables, United States EIN 33-1222526

2655 S Le Jeune RD Suite 810 FL33134 Coral Gables, United States 84-1846249.

8. Changes and/or cancellations

8.1. Any changes and/or cancellations must be made directly through the Drivania.com account or via online chat, e-mail or phone.

8.2. The status of reservations can be consulted at Drivania.com. Reservations, changes or cancellations will always be confirmed via email

8.3. Changes and/or cancellations will always appear in your online Drivania account and also be confirmed via e-mail.

8.4. The cancellation policies will depend on the type of service, the pick-up time and the vehicle category:

8.4.1 In the case of SEDAN, SUV and MINIVAN vehicle categories:

For transfer bookings:

For hourly bookings:

8.4.2 All other vehicles, for transfers as well as hourly bookings:

8.5. This cancellation policy may vary in the following instances:

A. During special events in the city that could affect overall demand.
B. For our Meetings & Events services that involve a large number of passengers.

In these instances, the client will be informed of the applicable cancellation policy.

The services in which the reservation includes more than 3 vehicles may entail special contract conditions that may affect some or all steps in the hiring process.

8.6. Those services whose reservations involve more than 3 vehicles may entail special contracting conditions that may affect some or all of the steps of the contracting process.

9. About the chauffeurs

9.1. Services will be conducted by executive chauffeurs.

9.2. English-speaking drivers are available in most destinations.

9.3. Drivers who speak Spanish or other languages are available in various locations.

9.4. The drivers meet the dress code and the executive image.

9.5. The chauffeur carries a mobile phone available from 1 hour before the service begins so that you can contact him with your travel details.

9.6. Gratuity is included in the price.

10. Important to consider

10.1. The passenger should know the pick-up time and pick up procedure and whether it is at an airport or a specific address (street, floor, and door).

10.2. 45 minutes before the service begins Drivania can send an SMS with all the service details confirming the details of the chauffeur, name and mobile phone number.

10.3. 24h Customer Service: If the passenger does not locate the driver, he/she must contact Drivania before deciding to leave.

Phone 24/7 hours: EUR +34 91 176 02 15 | US +1 415 376 4112 | UK +44 203 769 1926

10.4. The request for Drivania´s services through any channel means that you accept these terms of engagement and the responsibilities arising from there on.

10.5. Currencies may be set in EURO, US dollar, Canadian dollar or GBP depending on the client’s country and/or the client needs.

11. Licence, transfers and intellectual property rights

All the brands, copyrights, databases and other intellectual property rights of the Drivania site, regardless of their nature, in addition to the source code, are the exclusive property of Drivania, or, in this case, of the owners from which Drivania has legally obtained their licence or transfer for use.

The site and the content provided through it are owned by Drivania and we only grant you a limited, free, non-exclusive and revocable license for personal and non-commercial use and for receiving the multimedia content made available through the site. This licence will remain in force unless you cease using the site or are removed at Drivania’s request.

The site is licenced but not sold to you, and Drivania retains ownership of all the copies of the site, even after it is installed on your device.

Drivania may transfer these or any part of them without restrictions, but the User may not transfer these or any part of them, or transmit or sub-licence their rights to this license to a third party.

All the commercial brands, service brands, commercial names, logos, designs and domain names included in the site, along with any other functions of the site, are the exclusive property of Drivania. This license does not grant the User any rights to use the commercial brands, service brands, commercial names, designs, logos or domain names of Drivania, regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use.

12. Limited liability

In accordance with the maximum permitted by law, Drivania, its senior management, shareholders, employees, agents, board members, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assignees, suppliers/vendors or licensors will not be held liable for any type of loss or damage (direct, indirect, special or punitive) derived from using or accessing the site.

The User also agrees that, to the degree permitted by applicable legislation, their single and exclusive right in light of any issue or dissatisfaction with the site or its content is to cease using it.

Drivania will not be liable for any damages or alterations to the User’s devices as a result of installing or using the site, including but not limited to, computer equipment, portable devices and mobile phones.

Drivania will keep the site operational. However, certain technical difficulties may arise or it may be necessary to perform maintenance tasks that could cause temporary service interruptions. For this reason, Drivania cannot guarantee the site’s continuous availability or operation; the absence of viruses or other elements that could make changes to device systems; or the reliability, usability, accuracy, precision, integrity and up-to-date nature of the information contained in the application. In any case, Drivania has made all the necessary technical adjustments required by Spanish legislation.

13. User liability

The User acknowledges and accepts that their use of the content and/or services made available through Drivania site is under their own risk and/or liability. The User agrees to use the site and all their content and services in accordance with the applicable laws, morals, public order and these Terms of Use and the corresponding Specific Terms & Conditions. Moreover, the User agrees to use the services and/or content of the site accordingly and not use them to carry out unlawful or criminal activities that violate the rights of third parties and/or that infringe on intellectual and industrial property regulations or any other applicable legislation. Specifically, the User agrees to not transmit, insert, distribute or make available to third parties any type of material or information (data, messages, drawings, audio/image files, photos, software, etc.) that go against the law, morality, public order, and these Terms of Use and the corresponding Specific Terms & Conditions. The User agrees to, including but not limited to, carry out the following:

14. Ending the site’s use

Drivania may end the site’s use by the User at any time with prior notification. Ending the site’s use also ends all the rights and licences granted to the User, who must in turn stop using the site.

15. Duration and termination

The rendering of services and/or content by the DRIVANIA site has an indefinite duration. However, DRIVANIA is authorised to terminate, cancel or unilaterally interrupt, at any time and without prior notice, the service provided by the site and/or any of the services, regardless of what is specified in the corresponding Specific Terms & Conditions.

16. Legislation and jurisdiction

Any disputes or conflicts in the interpretation of the terms that comprise these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as any matters related to the services of this portal, will be subject to Spanish legislation.