Exploring the sustainable future of mobility through design at Art Basel 2024

Design’s power to envision alternative futures is at the heart of the new exhibition Transform! Designing the Future of Energyat the German Vitra Design Museum. The event underscores the crucial shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. It highlights the importance of design in complementing politics, economics, technology, and especially, mobility in this transition. The exhibition is a convenient and interesting side trip for Art Basel attendees.

Founded by Swiss gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner, and Balz Hilt, the inaugural event of Art Basel in 1970 marked the beginning of what would become one of the most prestigious and influential international art fairs in the world, bringing together artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts spanning various market segments, from 20th-century masters to emerging contemporary artists. 

This year’s edition will feature galleries from 40 countries, including 22 first-time participants. The event, led by new director Maike Cruse, will expand its citywide program, incorporating public art exhibitions on Clarastrasse curated by Stefanie Hessler and events at the Hotel Merian. The fair will be held from June 13-16, with previews on June 11-12, and host engaging cultural activities, reinforcing Basel’s cultural landscape.

Travellers to Basel can also explore “Transform! Designing the Future of Energy” at the Vitra Design Museum, located in Weil am Rhein, Germany, just 15 minutes by car from the Swiss city. While not an official Art Basel venue, it showcases innovative designs and concepts for energy-efficient transportation, emphasizing the urgent need to reduce global energy consumption in mobility. The exposition can be visited until next September 1st and the program includes guided tours, workshops, and talks focusing on sustainable practices and innovative solutions for energy-efficient living.

While the inaugural Art Basel took place in Basel in 1970, the brand has since expanded to various locations worldwide, reaching a global audience on three continents. The different locations also allow the fairs to highlight the unique cultural contexts and artistic scenes of each city. 

Its main locations are: 

  • March: Art Basel Hong Kong. 
  • June: Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland 
  • October: Art Basel Paris (new addition in 2023) 
  • December: Art Basel Miami Beach 

For instance, Art Basel Hong Kong showcases numerous galleries from Asia, while Art Basel Miami Beach emphasizes art from North and South America. The Basel edition in Switzerland, where the fair began, remains the largest and most established. 

Expanding to new cities like Paris in 2023 further cements Art Basel’s position as the premier international art fair brand with a global footprint. The multiple locations enable Art Basel to serve the international art world year-round and provide a platform for galleries and artists to reach collectors worldwide. 

Main highlights of Art Basel, Switzerland in 2024: 

  • 285 leading galleries: The fair will feature a diverse selection of the world’s top galleries, showcasing the highest quality of works across all media. 
  • High-calibre exhibitions: The event will present various art forms, including works by modern masters and emerging talents, transforming Messe Basel into a temporary museum. 
  • Art Unlimited: This section will host large-scale artworks, such as sculptures, video projections, and live performances, offering a unique experience for visitors. 
  • Parallel fairs: The Liste, Volta, and Photo Basel will run concurrently, providing additional opportunities to discover contemporary art, photography, and new talents. 
  • Design Miami/ Basel: This design fair will coincide with Art Basel, attracting the global design scene to Basel with its showcase of furniture, light, and art objects. 
  • Accessibility and amenities: The event will be held at Messe Basel, with wheelchair-accessible entrances and a range of restaurants serving regional and international cuisine nearby. 

This year’s Art Basel promises to be a thrilling dive into the global art scene, with a line-up that includes top-tier galleries, large-scale installations, and dynamic public art exhibitions. Visitors are bound to be captivated by the diverse artistic expressions and innovative works on display. 

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