Beyond the Games: What VIP guests look forward to at the Paris Summer Olympics

With the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics just a month away, years of meticulous planning are coming to fruition. Local teams of experts are working diligently to ensure the games run smoothly for both residents and international visitors. Additionally, anticipation among elite travelers is palpable.

In this article, we are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what our team of agents and chauffeurs are preparing for. We spoke with three of our most loyal clients, who have graciously allowed us to share details of their upcoming trips to the world’s largest sports event.

An unforgettable travel experience for Families

Specialized travel agencies and concierge services are meticulously planning to offer their top clients exceptional experiences in Paris. It’s not just about tickets to the sporting events; it’s about delivering a luxurious and exclusive experience unique to Paris. With prime locations, upscale accommodations, personalized services, and unforgettable moments, expectations are high, and every detail must be perfect.

One of our top loyal clients is a boutique agency based in Miami, specialized in organizing custom tours around the world. For the past 14 years, Drivania has been their trusted partner, providing local chauffeurs to meet the unique needs of their clients, no matter where they travel. This year, their team is crafting an exclusive experience for a Mexican family of five visiting Paris for the first week of the Games. Their temporary home will be the Apartment Louvre II , situated in Rue the Rivoli, offering a prime location with a luxurious yet homely ambiance and five-star services.

The family will count on a private chauffeur driving a six-seat Mercedes-Benz V-Class van from Drivania. A second chauffeur with a Mercedes-Benz S-Class is also reserved, as they have friends joining them to watch the opening ceremony from Parc Rives de Seine. For the competitions, they have secured top-tier tickets for tennis and football events. Vehicles must always include cold Champagne and fresh fruit, ensuring luxury and comfort at every turn.

Similarly, a travel agent from Brazil has asked us to organize a 15-day time-based journey for a family of four from São Paulo, including two teenagers eager to explore Paris. One of their special experiences is a private concert at the Sainte-Chapelle, a jewel of Gothic architecture. After the concert, the family is treated to an exclusive tour of Sainte-Chapelle. To add a special touch to the evening, performers from the concert will join the family for dinner at a top-notch hotel: a world-renowned violinist, an acclaimed cellist, and a celebrated pianist, bridging the worlds of music and personal connection. Three chauffeur-driven passenger vans have been reserved for this event.

Navigating traffic will be crucial during the Olympics

A key focus is on developing innovative traffic and transportation strategies to manage the surge of travelers during the events and trial runs, as ensuring smooth transportation for Olympic-related traffic is crucial because the Olympic Village and many event venues are located in areas already experiencing heavy commuter traffic and complex logistics. The additional transportation needs of athletes, officials, and spectators will substantially increase traffic volume.

Without extra measures, simulations predict that road traffic congestion could double, and train stations near the venues might face severe overcrowding, disrupting both Olympic events and daily activities in the Paris metropolitan area. Drivania’s team of agents and our selected chauffeurs are currently developing a contingency plan. This plan includes maintaining a flexible scheduling system for drivers, implementing real-time traffic monitoring tools, training drivers on alternate routes and contingency plans, establishing a rapid-response team for urgent issues, and enhancing communication channels for swift updates to travelers.

Luxury urban apartments and suburban villas

Much like the athletes they’ve come to support, affluent travelers are arriving in Paris with their entire entourage. To provide a more private experience, one top travel advisor has booked a property outside the city. For instance, a Drivania’s frequent traveler is bringing her personal chef and working with a local team to adjust the kitchen in a small palace in Neuilly to meet her family’s needs.

In this case, a local chauffeur with deep knowledge of the areas outside Paris is bringing invaluable expertise, skillfully navigating traffic and offering tailored recommendations for dining, wellness, and customised activities. His familiarity with the region will allow travelers to enjoy a seamless and enriching stay. Additionally, Drivania’s commitment to providing extra vehicles and chauffeurs for airport transfers will ensure that family guests arriving at Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Le Bourget airports experience efficient and reliable service, reflecting our dedication to making their Olympic journey exceptional.

The greenest Summer Olympics ever

The Paris 2024 Olympics is setting a new benchmark with its extensive green initiatives, positioning itself as the most sustainable Olympics in history. Through a combination of innovative practices and a firm commitment to environmental stewardship, the Paris Olympics 2024 aims to significantly reduce its ecological footprint and inspire global sports events to follow suit.

At the heart of this sustainability strategy is the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. The organizers have committed to both minimizing and offsetting carbon emissions, making this a pivotal move in shrinking the Games’ carbon footprint. To actualize this vision, they will employ a mix of direct reduction measures and offset programs. Key actions include optimizing energy use at venues, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and prioritizing renewable energy sources. Additionally, investments in large-scale reforestation projects will help balance any remaining emissions.

Transportation, a major source of environmental impact, is receiving special attention. To mitigate these effects, the organizers are promoting public transport, walking, and cycling. A network of pedestrian paths and bike lanes is being developed to facilitate these eco-friendly modes of transport. Furthermore, there is a strong push for the use of hydrogen-powered and electric vehicles, ensuring that every aspect of transportation aligns with the sustainability goals of the Games.

The Paris 2024 Olympics align with Drivania’s sustainability goals through their shared commitment to environmental stewardship. Both prioritize reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly transportation. The Olympics’ use of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy mirrors Drivania’s dedication to efficient, sustainable travel solutions. Together, we set a precedent for responsible practices, inspiring global change and building a sustainable legacy for the future.