Driving through Rome’s unexpected rush with Ambrozie

On an important business trip to Rome, I landed at Ciampino and was promptly greeted by Ambrozie at the FBO. His elegant Mercedes E Class stood just outside, shining under the Italian cloudless sky, and we immediately were on our way. Though I am familiar with Rome’s lively pace, I was taken aback by the throngs of people in the city centre on that day. Ambrozie explained that pilgrims from across Europe had gathered to see the Pope, who would address them from the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City that afternoon. 

Though intrigued by this cultural event, I focused on my business meeting, unaware that the office’s proximity to the Vatican could complicate my departure. As my meeting concluded, and I prepared to head back to Ciampino, I realized the streets were packed with even more pilgrims than during the morning, and traffic was at a standstill. Concerned about missing my flight slot, I expressed my thoughts to Ambrozie.

In a calm and confident manner, he assured me all would be well. Demonstrating exceptional skill, he navigated through Rome’s secondary roads, avoiding the gridlocked main streets. His in-depth knowledge of the city’s layout was astonishing, and we arrived at Ciampino much earlier than expected. 

With time to spare, I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino at the FBO, reflecting on the professionalism and expertise of Ambrozie. He had managed to turn what could have been a stressful situation into a smooth, worry-free experience. Thanks to him, I left Rome not only on time, but also with a feeling of confidence in his faultless service.

“Driving through Rome’s intricate streets, my goal is to ensure every journey is seamless and timely, even amidst the city’s unexpected challenges.”

Uncover Rome's top destinations, handpicked by Ambrozie:

  1. 01  

    Domus Aurea

    The ancient golden house of Emperor Nero, now an archaeological site offering guided tours with virtual reality experiences. Address: Via della Domus Aurea, 1, 00184 Roma RM.

  2. 02  

    Il Marchese

    Europe's first Amaro Bar, offering an extensive selection of this traditional Italian herbal liqueur, plus a sophisticated menu of Mediterranean cuisine. Address: Via di Ripetta, 162, 00186 Roma RM.

  3. 03  

    Hotel de Russie

    A luxurious hotel famous for its extensive terraced gardens and the renowned "Stravinskij Bar," located near Piazza del Popolo. Address: Via del Babuino, 9, 00187 Roma RM.

  4. 04  

    Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola

    A baroque church known for its breathtaking frescoed ceiling, which offers an illusion of depth. Address: Via del Caravita, 8A, 00186 Roma RM.

  5. 05  

    Pipero Roma

    A Michelin-starred restaurant known for its refined Roman cuisine and impeccable service. Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 250, 00186 Roma RM.

  6. 06  

    Galleria Lorcan O'Neill

    A contemporary art gallery representing international and Italian artists, located in the trendy Trastevere district. Address: Vicolo dei Catinari, 3, 00186 Roma RM.

  7. 07  

    Auditorium Parco della Musica

    Designed by Renzo Piano, this complex hosts concerts ranging from classical music to contemporary performances. Address: Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30, 00196 Roma RM.

  8. 08  


    A gourmet food store offering a variety of Italian and international delicacies, perfect for finding unique gifts or treats. Address: Via Cola di Rienzo, 196, 00192 Roma RM.

  9. 09  

    Testaccio Market

    A modern marketplace in a historic neighbourhood, offering fresh local produce, artisanal goods, and ready-to-eat meals. Address: Via Beniamino Franklin, 12E, 00153 Roma RM.

  10. 10  

    J.K. Place Roma

    A boutique hotel offering an intimate and luxurious experience, with a chic interior design and personalized service. Address: Via di Monte d'Oro, 30, 00186 Roma RM.

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