All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Our Chauffeurs


Become a chauffeur partner

Drivers play an essential role in Drivania’s service. They are our most visible aspect and the individuals who accompany passengers on their journeys. 

As a chauffeur, we seek for the following characteristics:

  1. Punctual, reliable, and results oriented service. It is important that our drivers manage travel times, are familiar with alternate routes, and accurately predict traffic conditions.
  2. Constant desire to exceed expectations: A driver’s job entails much more than simply going from point A to point B. This complex work at the service of others involves careful consideration of every detail—with good manners and complete discretion.
  3. Properly maintained vehicles: The cleanliness and proper maintenance of each vehicle so passengers may travel in a pleasant and comfortable environment as they drive through the city.



Drivania Affiliates App

We created an app to connect licensed and insured chauffeur partners with global clients, business and leisure travelers and our 24/7 Customer Care Team. With this app, chauffeurs can:

  • Get pre-service alerts
  • Get your vehicle geolocation
  • Check the information of your service
  • Send updated during service (on my way, on location, passenger on board, passenger drop-off)
  • Report extra charges
  • Write any other service reviews

If you are a chauffeur and want to know more about our process, check out our Affiliates Manual and video to learn more on the Affiliates app:

Drivania Affiliates Carbon Offset Program

Drivania is committed to offsetting the CO2 footprint produced for all rides provided to our customers. We do this by purchasing offsets that go toward select certified projects, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reliance on fossil fuels and help create local jobs.

If you are not already participating in a carbon offset program within your organization, we’d love for you to help support our initiative in Brazil. It only costs $10/ton of CO2 emitted to become carbon neutral and offset the emissions your vehicles generated in 2021.

On average, a professional chauffeur drives 50,000-70,000 km/year, which generates 13-18 ton of CO2/year. This can be 100% offset for only $130-$180 per year.