All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Your Trusted Chauffeur

A good private chauffeur must have many qualities beyond driving skills. They must also act with professionalism and discretion, be flexible and adaptable to changes, and be a good communicator, among many other skills.

In short, a good chauffeur should always go above and beyond what is strictly necessary to understand and meet the needs of not only the most demanding passengers, but also those of their travel agents and personal assistants, for the peace of mind of all stakeholders.

Drivania’s Affiliates Team conducts an exhaustive vetting process to find and approve the best chauffeurs in the most requested destinations around the globe. In this work, not only must the vehicle be in mint condition, but the chauffeur themselves must be top-notch, as they are, after all, the visible face of the service for VIP passengers.

People who travel with Drivania are often corporate and high-end travelers with busy schedules, and they need excellent service down to the last detail. The slightest mistake can cause them to be late for an important business meeting or start a well-deserved vacation on the wrong foot.

Drivania chauffeurs are aware of all these details and always strive to give the best of themselves. There are many customers who are so satisfied with the service and so impressed by their chauffeur that they request to have the same chauffeur the next time they visit that destination.

Although this may seem commonplace with any private chauffeured transportation provider, Drivania decided to go a step further and implement preferred chauffeur functionality in the booking platform. This means it’s no longer necessary for the travel agent or personal assistant to remember to request that chauffeur every time their VIP clients travel to a certain location. In Drivania’s booking platform, a preferred chauffeur can be assigned to a passenger, and the system will automatically contact those chauffeurs first to find out if they are available to cover the service.

A good chauffeur develops a trusting relationship with the most demanding passenger, and that is inherent to Drivania’s service. Drivania places the passenger at the center to provide a service that goes beyond a good driver in a high-end car.

Drivania. Beyond chauffeurs.