All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

You are only as good as your last service

Working as a private chauffeur requires many and varied qualities. Good chauffeurs will have to deal with very high-demanding people and face situations that will test them beyond their driving skills throughout their professional career.

It’s not easy to gain the trust of passengers who spend a large part of their day traveling and in important business meetings. For them, being just one minute late can mean the difference between success and failure, so they always demand the best of the best on their business trips.

Even more difficult is gaining the trust of personal assistants or travel managers. They’re responsible for fitting all the pieces together so that the passenger’s experience is flawless: flights, hotels, restaurants, meetings and, of course, private chauffeured transportation. They know better than anyone how many contingencies can lead to last-minute changes.

When expectations are this high, a good chauffeur should hold themselves to the highest standards. There is no point in covering a smooth off-peak airport transfer service if, on the next ride, lack of foresight leads to getting stuck in a traffic jam due to road work in the city center, a situation that could have been avoided with a few simple checks.

At Drivania, chauffeurs are subject to continued evaluation. Outstanding chauffeurs know that they shouldn’t rest on their laurels —every time they take the wheel of their vehicle they’re using and building their skills, professionalism, discretion and flexibility.

This is why Drivania selects only the most experienced professional chauffeurs through its Quality Vetting Process, ensuring the highest service level for passengers in the most requested destinations. It’s critical that the user experience is seamless and flawless, and ground transportation is the last thing clients have to worry about.

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