All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Event aimed at developing smart cities in Latin America

The Smart City Expo Puebla 2016 is considered to be the year’s most important meeting point on smart cities in Latin America. It will bring together leading specialists and entities involved in creating technologies and projects for urban innovation.

The prestigious event will take place February 16-18 at the Centro Expositor expo center in Puebla, Mexico. It is organized by the Fira de Barcelona and it will cover a variety of topics thanks to the eight main industries that will open their doors to visitors: the environment, technology, mobility and transport, education, energy, government, infrastructure, and society.

The event includes three days of plenary sessions and parallel conferences, as well as representatives from 200 cities, 150 speakers, and more than 80 exhibitor companies, all interested in providing useful tools and strategies that promote exchanging knowledge, networking, and creating business opportunities in the new market of solutions and technologies for cities. Spread out over 10.000 m2, exhibitors will present their latest projects that promote the development of the cities of the future.

Focus of the Smart City Expo Puebla

A variety of topics will be addressed at the conference. With 3 keynote speakers, 5 plenary sessions and 24 parallel conferences, visitors will have the chance to discover and interact with the best ideas focused on the smart development of Latin American cities.


Projects and ideas that promote the development of Sustainable and Equitable Cities will be presented, with efficient public services driven by renewable energies and with the growing involvement of society.

Urban Technologies will be the center of attention for those interested in connecting with the most creative startups in the areas of technological innovation, cutting-edge tourism products, and open government and open data trends, among others.

Living and Participative Cities will address matters such as governability, transparency, tourism, and commerce. The event’s organizers also believe that it is important to improve citizen awareness of the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of Latin American cities.

Our next destination, Puebla

An important topic at the upcoming and past Smart City events is Urban Development and Mobility, which covers latest trends for public transportation and sustainable urban development (carpooling, carsharing, etc.). As you can imagine, we can’t miss this event, so we’ll be there with our project. is an innovative, on-demand, smart, and sustainable bus transportation solution that optimizes travel within cities in a convenient and affordable manner for passengers. Aside from operating in conjunction with traditional public transportation, it has a significant added value because it reduces traffic congestion and contaminating emissions. The service works with an app that is easy to operate and allows users to hire the ride from their current location to their destination, and also know the expected travel time in advance.

Smart City Expo Puebla 2016 is our next major event that brings together political leaders, experts, professionals, academics, and business owners interested in promoting modern and sustainable urban management in order to transform developing cities in Latin America.

Puebla, here we come!