All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Carbon footprint offsetting can support selected certified projects that are working towards achieving carbon-neutral goals.

Environmental sustainability is an issue about which, fortunately, there is growing awareness. Increasing globalization has made it necessary for companies to look for new ways of working and doing business that are cleaner and safer, while not jeopardizing their growth.

The arrival of the electric car is undoubtedly one of these new strategies. The commitment to build more sustainable cities in which it is possible to reduce the number of private vehicles is another. But in all honesty, these changes are slow to implement and cannot be fully achieved overnight, so something must be done in the meantime.

One of the many tools to calculate and offset emissions is the carbon footprint, a measurement of CO2 emitted by any company or individual, allowing them to reduce and neutralize their impact. Offsets are achieved through specifically approved United Nations programs and provide a label of distinction to the companies implementing them, since they distinguish themselves for their commitment to respect the environment and fight against climate change.

The idea behind carbon footprint offsetting is simple but powerful: although greenhouse gas emissions cannot be completely eliminated, they can be offset by supporting projects that reduce equivalent emissions elsewhere. This strategy allows for neutralizing the amount of CO2 emissions emitted by a person, company, organization, product or service by investing economically in an environmental project. Carbon footprint offsetting projects may include the construction of renewable energy facilities, improvement of energy efficiency, and protection and restoration of forests, among others.

Regarding ground transportation, there are many tools to calculate and offset CO2 emissions from vehicles. These tools are available to anyone concerned about their environmental footprint: companies with fleets of vehicles, frequent business travelers, or even families who own several vehicles.

Drivania is fully committed to environmental sustainability, and therefore has an ambitious Carbon Neutral Program through which the company offsets in tons the entire carbon footprint emitted annually by its vehicles. 

It is possible to check the average CO2 emissions of any vehicle in its technical data sheet. As a rule, an executive vehicle such as those used by Drivania has an average emission of 426 gr/mile. This means that, for example, a sedan driving 12,000 miles per year is emitting over 5,000 kgs annually. Extrapolating this data, a typical North American family with 4 vehicles at home would easily exceed 20,000 kgs in emissions per year.

Through Drivania’s Carbon Neutral Program, calculations are made each quarter to measure the average distance traveled in transfers and hourly services. An Offset Provider expert is then selected to help choose the best possible project in which to invest the funds for that offset.

In 2022, Drivania’s offsetting was implemented in the Santo Antonio hydroelectric project, which plans to install a hydroelectric plant on the Madeira River, near the Brazilian city of Porto Velho, capable of generating 2,218 MWh of renewable energy annually with a reduction of more than 4 million tons of CO2 per year.

During 2023, the offset is helping to fund a wind power plant in the Mexican region of Oaxaca that will generate more than 300,000 MWh of renewable energy. Both are UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) certified projects, whose main benefits are as follows:

  • Creation of local employment in construction, operation and maintenance services.
  • Increased commercial activity thanks to clean and renewable energy.
  • Reduced use of fossil fuels and increased use of local resources.
  • Increased electricity supply in the region, providing clean energy, displacing thermal generation, and supporting the development of the region in a sustainable manner.
  • Improvement of the local economy, reducing dependence on fossil fuel consumption.

Drivania is helping the environment through these offsets along with raising awareness of the need to invest in projects that help local communities become cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable. It’s a commitment that allows Drivania to take an important step toward achieving carbon-neutral goals.

It is possible that after reading this you have doubts about the impact of your own carbon footprint. In case you have any concerns, Drivania will help you, without any commitment or additional cost, to calculate your own emissions, whether personal or corporate, and invite you to join Drivania’s Carbon Neutral Program to offset these emissions.

Now you can also become carbon free. Contact for further information.