All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

The Chauffeur's Corner: interview with Mamadu Sabally

Born in Barcelona 34 years ago and of Senegalese origin, Mamadu has provided chauffeur services for Drivania for the last 3 years. His professionalism and dedication, as he cares in detail for his passengers’ needs, have made him a reference for business travelers visiting the city. Today he is at Drivania’s offices to answer some questions about his work. 


How long have you been a chauffeur and why did you choose this profession? 

I have been a chauffeur since 2015. I used to work as a concierge in a hotel, a profession that has many similarities with that of a chauffeur, as I was dedicated to the needs of the guests daily. 

I have always loved driving, so I think it was a natural evolution. More than a chauffeur, I consider myself a concierge on wheels. 


What do you think is the main asset for being a good chauffeur? 

There are many. A chauffeur must be punctual, a good driver, polite and have great communication skills. But, above all, they must be committed to his work. This profession often doesn’t understand schedules and you must work after hours. It is important that the clients trust that there will be a chauffeur will be waiting for them on arrival and will take them to their destination without any problems. 


Is there a service or customer that you especially remember? 

Yes, shortly after I started working as a chauffeur, I had the opportunity to drive a well-known businessman and his wife. They must have been very happy with the service, because every time they have returned to Barcelona, they have asked me to be their chauffeur. That allowed me to grow a lot, professionally speaking, so I have a lot of affection for them. Knowing that they have such a high degree of confidence in me for their trips in the city is the greatest reward I can receive. 


And the most complex situation you’ve had to solve working as a chauffeur? 

I have also had difficult situations. I remember one in which I had to make a trip to France and my cell phone stopped working, so I was left unreachable, without GPS or instant messaging. Luckily, I had thoroughly prepared the route before starting the trip, so I was able to arrive safely and on time at the destination without the passenger noticing that there was a problem. 

Since then, I always make sure that my phone (and vehicle) are in good condition before starting any service. In any case, unforeseen events can always happen, so it is essential to perfectly know the itinerary and whether the passengers have any special needs. 


Finally, what would you recommend to someone who wants to start working as a chauffeur? 

To be committed to the job and the customers. And, above all, to enjoy and take advantage of all the opportunities that this profession offers to grow. When things are done properly, it is a very rewarding job.