All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Security is key

Ground transportation is often a headache for secretaries, personal assistants, and corporate travel managers.

When a businessperson has to travel, there are many aspects to consider. Scheduling the right dates is just the beginning. After that, flights and accommodation must be arranged. Having the foresight to book a table at a popular restaurant in town could be the icing on the cake after a successful business meeting. However, those are usually the easy parts to manage. 

Complexities begin when it comes to ground transportation, which is often not given the importance it deserves and left for the last minute. That’s when availability problems arise, or the delivered service does not meet expectations, and then ground transportation becomes a headache for secretaries, personal assistants, and corporate travel managers. 

Travelers constantly encounter situations where the most basic quality requirements for any executive ground transportation company are not met. From drivers who do not show up at the agreed time, to vehicles of a lower category than what has been paid for, with fewer seats than passengers, or even without capacity to fit all the pieces of luggage.  

It is not uncommon that, when booking trips for Ultra-high-net-worth-individuals (UHNWI), many agencies or brokers provide a “complete” package—private jet, accommodation, catering—but leave out ground transportation: for them, there’s very little to gain, but a lot to lose. Ground transportation usually has a much lower monetary value than the rest of the services, but the slightest mistake there can cause the loss of very valuable accounts that may have taken months, or years, to acquire. It is unlikely that a customer lost due to bad service will return to the company that made the mistake in the first place. 

Being dedicated to ground transportation solutions for over 20 years, Drivania fully understands the ins and outs of corporate or leisure trips. Specialized in business travel, luxury travel, and private aviation, they care for the needs of each client in a differentiated way, offering not only a high-end executive car with driver, but a complete service from start to finish. Through an agile and intuitive booking platform, an extensive network of vetted chauffeurs, and a 24/7 Customer Care team, the company provides trusted coverage in more than 600 preferred destinations around the world, including some that the average business traveler would consider risk destinations. 

Travelers who require ground transportation services do not always have the same profile, although many of their needs may be shared—it is likely that the business or corporate travelers who are satisfied with their transfers will decide to use similar services for their leisure trips. And the world’s most demanding customers, UHNWI who travel around the world for both business and pleasure by means of private aviation (or bizav, as it is popularly known), also require executive vehicles in their day-to-day business. 

José Garrido, Drivania’s expert in corporate travel, recently traveled to Mexico City to participate in the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)’s Trade Show. “The transfer is critical within a business or holiday trip because so many different factors can arise and spoil it. Corporate travelers may be used to a plane being delayed but do not usually accept a car being late in the same way,” said Garrido. “Drivania provides a service that exceeds the expectations of passengers, personal assistants and travel managers. It’s a risk-free service, exemplified in the value of trust. We care so that customers don’t have to worry,” he concluded.