All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

“Drivania will always do everything possible, and more, to accommodate your ground transportation needs” 

For the past 3 years, Gresa has been a valued member of Drivania’s Customer Care Team. Born in the Philippines, she speaks 5 languages and has extensive experience in understanding the needs of corporate and luxury travelers.


How does Drivania’s Online Booking Tool enhance the control of the service?

The platform allows customers to make bookings in over 600 destinations in less than 1 minute, automating a large volume of work. That provides the Customer Care Team with the security and trust to focus on quality tasks that ensure the entire service, from beginning to end, meets the needs of each client. 

What is a common mistake that Drivania’s Customer Service Team help prevent?

Travel Managers and Booking Agents are often so busy that they inadvertently make small mistakes such as requesting an airport pickup at the time the plane departs from origin, or not considering how different time zones affect a service. Drivania takes care of those details to make sure that clients have a chauffeur waiting on location for them when needed.

How do you ensure the chauffeur is on location when the passenger requires the vehicle?

Drivania has a Chauffeur App that works seamlessly. Drivers use it to confirm the service and report when they are on their way, on location, and when they have completed the job. Even so, when necessary, the Customer Care Team double-checks via phone, instant messaging or through other means. If the service involves an airport greeter, a private jet handler, or a hotel concierge, Drivania lets them know that a chauffeur will be picking the passenger up.

How do you handle special requests that may not appear in the Online Booking Tool?

The booking platform is fast, very intuitive and easy to use, but customers have confidence that Drivania’s Customer Care Team will also be available 24/7 by phone or email. Clients trust that they can reach us at any time, even if the Internet may be down, they don’t have access to the Booking Tool, or simply because they feel more comfortable speaking directly to one of our Customer Care Specialists.

Finally, is there any part of your work that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud that we offset the carbon emissions for all rides provided to our customers by purchasing offsets as part of our Carbon Neutral Program. The offsets are then used to support selected certified projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create local jobs, and reduce usage of fossil fuels. Currently, Drivania is supporting to offset a Wind Power Plant in Oaxaca, Mexico, a project certified by United Nations.