All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Hourly services for your peace of mind

Private chauffeured transportation services are often associated only with point-to-point transfers: to the airport, to the hotel, or to the office where a corporate traveler is holding an important business meeting. 


But, in truth, private chauffeured transportation can go much further. 

Often, business travelers need to optimize their time and get the most out of their trip. They don’t just need transfers to and from the airport; they probably have a full agenda of meetings, and not all of them in the same place. 

In such cases, it’s not unusual that Travel Managers and Personal Assistants arrange many separate transfers within a short time frame, either in an attempt to reduce costs or simply because they’re unaware of other options. In a single morning, a business traveler may need a transfer from the airport to the hotel, then another from the hotel to his or her first meeting. And finally, several more to different locations in the city before traveling back to the hotel or airport at the end of the day. 

And that’s where the nightmare begins: different chauffeurs, different vehicles, the need to strictly adhere to the booked times to avoid waiting charges and affecting subsequent pick-ups, the impossibility of leaving luggage in the vehicle, etc. The list of potential problems seems endless. 

Hourly services are in many cases the perfect solution for everyone’s peace of mind: depending on the itinerary, booking a private chauffeur at the client’s disposal for a certain number of hours may be more convenient, provide more flexibility and maximize efficiencies for clients when compared to booking multiple point-to-point transfers. 

Here are five scenarios in which hourly services may be the better choice: 

  • Same day round trip or passengers flying private 

Travelers landing and taking off the same day can avoid worrying about slot changes and enjoy the trip by always having an hourly chauffeur available on standby. 

  • Multi-stop itineraries 

When travelling with a set agenda, hourly chauffeurs can prepare for the itinerary in advance, determining the best routes. And should the itinerary change, they have the expertise to adapt, offering maximum flexibility. 

  • Changing schedules 

Chauffeurs do not necessarily need to know the agenda in advance. Passengers can move as needed and change destinations on the go, any time. Chauffeurs are flexible with their time and the route, especially when booked by the hour. 

  • On-demand required 

When planning a roadshow, a shopping day, a private tour, or any other outing, an hourly chauffeur will always be available to drive to the next destination. Hourly chauffeurs are the perfect choice for daily multi-rides, allowing travelers to combine several routes in one. 

  • Objective is zero stress 

Travelers avoid swapping chauffeurs at every stop and the inconvenience of constantly having to transfer their belongings to a new vehicle at each stop. 


These are just a few scenarios. If you are in doubt about the best option to meet your chauffeured transportation needs, feel free to reach out to our corporate & luxury travel specialists at The entire team will be happy to assist you. 

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