All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Driving Hope for Cancer Patients

Drivania partners with Corporate Angel Network to offer complimentary and secure chauffeured travel for cancer patients traveling to specialized medical centers. 

EMPOWERING SUPPORTIn an inspiring partnership, Drivania joins forces with Corporate Angel Network (CAN) to offer complimentary chauffeured travel for cancer patients seeking specialized medical care. This collaboration aims to ease the transportation burden on cancer patients and their families, ensuring they can access crucial treatments with ease and comfort. 

CAN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help cancer patients access the best treatment centers in the United States by arranging free travel on corporate aircraft. Business jet travel makes it possible for patients, especially those in locations with minimal airline access, to travel to specialized medical centers. Whether a patient is traveling for surgery, clinical trial, or a second opinion, CAN aims to reduce a patient’s physical, emotional and financial stress by providing a seat on a corporate flight. 

Patients often face the daunting challenge of traveling long distances to reach specialized medical centers. CAN connects patients with corporate jets and empty seats, while Drivania provides secure and chauffeured travel, ensuring a comprehensive trip solution. 

The company‘s commitment to trustworthiness aligns seamlessly with CAN’s mission of supporting cancer patients. When ground transportation is required, Drivania’s 24/7 Customer Service team and professional chauffeurs step in. Patients can expect a comfortable and stress-free journey, allowing them to focus on their health. 

The collaboration ensures a seamless transportation experience for patients and their companions. CAN identifies the need for transportation, and Drivania takes over from there. From airport arrivals to medical center drop-offs, the company‘s chauffeurs provide safe, reliable support during the journey. 

This partnership is an example of how private enterprises can make a meaningful impact. By offering complimentary chauffeured travel, Drivania and CAN empower cancer patients to access specialized care without transportation worries, and at the same time offer support and solidarity during a challenging time.