All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Drivania reaches complete sustainability

For over a decade, Drivania has had an ambitious Carbon Footprint Offset Program. In recent years, Drivania’s commitment has moved forward to offset the full annual CO2 footprint generated by all rides.

As more companies around the world grow aware of the critical need for addressing climate change, they are committing to sustainability policies that help mitigate the impact of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

As far back as 2013, and under the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, Drivania made its first certified offset contribution by helping to finance wind energy projects in China. Through their offset program, sustainable energy projects were also supported in Porto Velho, Brazil, and Oaxaca, Mexico, which also served to help the local economy and create jobs. All these projects were specifically approved by the United Nations. 

The company also offers customers and chauffeurs alike the opportunity to join its Carbon Footprint Offset Program, which helps them calculate their own footprint and neutralize these emissions without any commitment or additional cost. 

Now, Drivania has decided to go one step further and offset all the historic footprint since the company’s foundation in 2001, therefore achieving complete sustainability and being the first company in the sector to certify more than 20 years of carbon footprint offsetting. 

In recent weeks, an external audit was carried out to certify the total impact of the emissions beginning from the first ride provided by Drivania. These offsets will be used to finance new sustainable projects around the world. 

Drivania welcomes the achievement of its emissions-neutral goal and hopes that actions such as this will help raise awareness of the need to invest in projects that help the environment, allowing for cleaner, more efficient and sustainable growth.