All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Drivania appears in a Harvard Deusto article

This past February, the prestigious online publication Harvard Deusto published an article about newthe new online platforms and that highlighted Drivania‘s efforts these past few years in the chauffeured vehicle rental business. The article, titled La revolución de la economía de plataformas (The Revolution of the Platform Economy), was written by Luis Vives, Professor of Strategy & General Management at ESADE Business School and Director of International Custom Programs and of the Multinational MBA, ESADE Business School–Adolfo Ibáñez University.. Vives points out the increasing importance of companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, LinkedIn, YouTube and Coursera, which are revolutionizing the traditional business model. New platforms are located between the market and companies that are making the most of new technologies in order to reach a larger audience more effectively. They represent a new business model that continues to gain followers. .

Plataformas online

Drivania is among the top Spanish platforms

Many Spanish companies, such as IdealistaKantox and Rentalia, are standing out as leading platforms. Drivania has become a success case by providing access to high-end chauffeured vehicles through a platform in which vehicles are owned by their drivers. Drivania has positioned itself as an intermediary that provides a quality service to customers so they can be completely at ease. This is a positive aspect for platform economics because, according to Vives, it “improves efficiency and the ability to operate in extremely variable settings,” in comparison to traditional businesses. The companies that create new platforms are filling a void in the creation of value for the market, and traditional regulations should begin taking them into account. An important aspect highlighted by the article is the idea of considering these platforms as an “interesting tool for fighting unemployment.” Aside from making it easier to identify market niches, launching an online platform requires a smaller investment from entrepreneurs.