All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

Consider an hourly chauffeur in these 5 scenarios

Here are five scenarios in which hourly services may be the better choice: 

  1. Same Day round trip private flights?
    Landing and taking off the same day? Avoid worrying about slot changes and enjoy your trip by having an hourly chauffeur available on standby at all times.

  2. Multi-stop itineraries:
    When travelling with a pre-known agenda, hourly chauffeurs prepare the itinerary in advance to help determine the best routes. Should your itinerary change, they have the expertise to adapt, offering maximum flexibility.

  3. Changing schedules:
    Drivers don’t necessarily need to know the agenda in advance. Move as needed and change destinations on the way, anytime. Chauffeurs are flexible with their time and the route especially when booking them by the hour.

  4. On-demand required:
    When planning a roadshow, a shopping day, a private tour, or any other outing, the an hourly chauffeur will always be available to drive to the next destination. Hourly chauffeurs are the perfect choice for daily multi-rides, allowing you to combine several routes in one.

  5. Objective = Zero stress:
    Avoid swapping chauffeurs at every stop and the inconvenience of constantly having to transfer your belongings to a new vehicle at each stop.

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Drivania Team