All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

A vehicle for every occasion

When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, the needs of each passenger change according to multiple variables. These factors include the reason for the trip, its duration, the destination, whether the traveler is traveling alone or in a larger group, and more. Every customer is unique and every situation is different. So it only makes sense that in private chauffeured transportation, there is a vehicle for every occasion and for every passenger.

Despite the undeniable importance of the vehicle, a good provider of chauffeured transportation will always place the passengers at the center of the service. They understand their clients’ needs and will advise them on the appropriate vehicle to make the experience as pleasant as possible. A new high-end car with luxury features will be very important to the success of any trip. But knowing which vehicle will not only meet but exceed passenger expectations for the specific trip is also a determining factor.

These are the main categories of vehicles available for private chauffeured transportation:

  • Business sedan: This is the most common vehicle. With an elegant exterior and luxurious interior, the business sedan is specifically designed for people who require elegant and sophisticated transportation. They prioritize comfort, style and functionality. The most common models are Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Cadillac XTS and Lincoln MKS, among others.
  • Premium sedan: This vehicle takes the passenger experience even further, as it’s built with meticulous attention to detail and offers exceptional performance. They are designed for unparalleled comfort and style. The most common models are the Mercedes S-Class, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8, among others.
  • Minivan: This is the preferred option for larger groups due to its spaciousness, comfort and versatility. These vehicles offer generous interior space, flexible seating configurations and abundant luggage capacity, making them perfect for family vacations and shared business trips. The most common models are the Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes Viano, VW Caravelle or similar.
  • SUVs: In recent times, Sport Utility Vehicles have gained immense popularity due to their great versatility and capacity. They combine the spaciousness of a minivan with the ruggedness of an off-road, making them suitable for all types of services.

There are also many other types of vehicles available for chauffeured transportation, from standard vehicles (which can be a very good option for passengers who wish to travel discreetly in risky destinations), to armored vehicles for people who prioritize safety above all else.

Also, in a world increasingly aware of the necessity of sustainability, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. For larger groups wishing to travel together, there is also the option of minibuses or coaches.

For corporate travelers used to frequent solo travel with minimal luggage, an executive sedan will suffice in most cases. However, if the occasion requires it, like an important ceremony or event, or if they prefer an extra point of comfort and convenience, a premium sedan may be the best option.

For small groups of 3 or 4 passengers, minivans are recommended for reasons of spaciousness and comfort. It is also important to consider the greater luggage storage capacity that these vehicles have compared to a sedan.

For larger groups, and depending on the destination, in many cases it may be better to opt for 2 minivans instead of a bigger vehicle such as a minibus, due to their greater maneuverability, making it easier to move around the busy urban centers of large cities.

In short, it’s advisable to know, before embarking on a trip, which vehicle is best suited to the needs of the traveler, without luxury and comfort being at odds with practicality. Drivania has a large team of experts in corporate and luxury travel who will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding your next trip.

Because passengers should always be at the center of service, and their comfort and safety should be the priority.

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