All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

All Drivania rides are Carbon Neutral

6 reasons why hiring a private transportation supplier


Do you need a reliable supplier for your VIP clients? Check out the following reasons why you should hire a private transportation supplier:




We’re constantly adapting to your needs



The 1st offer your private transportation supplier must have is a wide range of travel options. These options must be customized in order to provide a flexible and adaptive travel solution to your most demanding clients. We are constantly adapting our offer to your needs thanks to our wide variety of ride options: one way, one way extended and unlimited hourly options! 


·    Ride options

– One Way regular transfer from point A to point B

– One Way Extended a transfer + additional 60 min. to enjoy as extra stops or as extra waiting time

– Hourly a ride booked by hours to be performed as directed by the passenger


·    Flexible vehicle categories

We provide sedan, SUV and minivans according to the following vehicle categories.


– Premium vehicles less than 3 years with luxury features

– Business vehicles up to 5 years with luxury features

*Always with complementary bottled water available in the back seats of the vehicle


We ensure the correct completion of every single service


The 2nd quality of a private transportation supplier is the transparency given during the ride. We know how important the passenger is for you, thus our aim is ensuring that the ride is being performed correctly. Our in-house developed technology allow us to know the performance with the chauffeur by detailing every stage of the ride in real-time:



– Chauffeur on location

– Passenger on board

– Service completed


Our excellent relationship with our chauffeurs make our duty of care program successful 



In order to ensure a secure ride for your most VIP passengers, we have the most transparent and secure operations thanks to our excellent relationship with our chauffeurs. Thanks to our strong network we can provide the following benefits:



– Chauffeurs vetted and trained

– Geolocated vehicles


– Chauffeur details provided in advance

– Service quality audit after ride completion


Leave your clients in good hands, let us take care of your most discerning clients.



We care about your time


We know that your time is as precious as your passengers’ time. Book a ride in less than 1 min through the Drivania Booking Tool! The online platform will allow you to give an instant response to your client thanks to the following features:

– Explore all ride options with all-inclusive pricing

– Get instant quotation and booking confirmation

– Send personalised vouchers to your client


Get a chauffeured ride for your most discerning clientele while controlling all your rides quoted or booked through your online account.



We got it covered wherever your clients’ travel


Drivania has been in the market for more than 18 years and throughout the journey we have expanded the operations around the globe. Our growth in terms of operations and in terms of technology allow us to offer online booking in any destination worldwide.



+1.000 locations

190 countries


Our vast experience dealing with local chauffeurs and fleets allow us to provide a consistent service worldwide according to the Drivania global operating standards. 



Multilingual answers for clients’ and passengers’ concerns


Throughout 18 years in the international market we have created over time a customer support team of multiple nationalities operating from 3 different offices in Europe and America. Our team is one of our best advantages since all team members are specialized in the operation of the world of business travel and luxury. This path gives us a deep experience dealing with demanding passengers, managing last minute changes while offering exclusive travel solutions. Next, we summarize in three points the Drivania team and the situations we are dealing with:



–  24/7 customer support team: passenger assistance and ride follow-up

–  Specialists in Business Travel, Luxury Travel, Business Aviation and Meetings & Events that offer a follow-up to your needs

–  Account Management: offer the best solution and assistance with the Drivania Booking Tool 

Sign-up now to create your account on the Drivania Booking Tool! You can quote a ride in less than 1 min. in any destination worldwide! 


If you prefer, you can contact us at to listen at your particular needs.


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